The Vision:

To create a space that aids in the elevation of one’s personal energy, and perhaps one’s consciousness, by encapsulating several activities, like yoga, meditation, dance, and guest speakers on topics such as quantum physics, and how one’s personal energetic vibration interacts with and affects the world around them. The idea is that all these paths and teachings lead our souls upward.

My studies have taken me down many paths toward self-discovery. I’ve amassed some of my most meaningful insights and attempted to express them visually in this sculpture, which I have titled The Vibe.

Hindu writings suggest that it’s in the heart where we witness the dance of Shiva and Shakti. This represents the masculine penetration into life’s ever- changing spiral dance, our desire to control all situations (Shiva), and the feminine unconditional surrender to that which reveals itself moment to moment (Shakti). Watching life unfold while accepting the flow of life’s ever changing rhythms, remaining fully engaged within the experience without judgment, accepting what is, while moving forward with an open heart, all while attempting to embody the frequency, the emotion, we understand as love, results in a shift in one’s understanding of life. It is important to remember the profound impermanence reflected in life, each moment is fleeting and never experienced the same way twice.

Integrating the open lotus flower signifies an open heart. In some eastern cultures the heart is referred to as the Lotus Within. The heart-lotus or “lotus of heart” is the center of the infinite, omnipresent consciousness which is also referred to as universal consciousness. In other words, “I am in you and you are in me.” The unfolding of the lotus petals represents the expansion of the soul and spiritual awakening.

With this information I set out to create a space that captured the essence of both masculine and feminine characteristics. Integrating curves and sharp angles that aid the structure in remaining neutral and inviting, yet visually stimulating.  The general appearance is a modern take on the Greek temple. It is inspired by Greek and Hindu writings along with modern scientific principles and concepts.

The bubble rooms (the structural support grid on the upper deck) was inspired by an image of a human producing a magnetic field around the body; said to be produced by the human heart. It suggests that our hearts are constantly communicating with each other. So, I refer to these round spaces as positive emotion/thought/vision pods. They are places that will inspire amazing new possibilities for people; for their lives. Love and Light is the theme here. Warm inviting spaces where folks will go to interact with art and each other, while perhaps tuning into the frequencies produced by the other hearts surrounding them.

It is important that the structure allows areas for folks to explore, to chill, to dance, to do yoga, to meditate, and to learn from the guest speakers who will share their cutting-edge thoughts on vibration and energy flow.