My journey and the magic that has transpired because of it, has transformed my life.  Over the years I have learned many things about myself.  I have come to conclusions about who and why I am, and I felt that I should share my experiences with those who feel alignment.  Not everyone will feel alignment, and that’s okay.  After all, we are all creators, and some folks are on a completely different branch of our universal tree of life. What I say here is rooted in love.   We, human beings, thrive on love.  This is my story about how I found my light.

I play this game whereby I seek a higher vibration. To do this, I simply take notice of my emotional state and I force myself to seek a higher vibration: A better feeling about that situation. I have found that I can find a higher vibration in every situation I encounter.  The more I do it, the better I get at it.

This process has taught me to activate my heart chakra. Have you ever felt your heart swell or radiate a sensation that feels good?  Well, some would refer to that as a heart chakra activation. If you tune into the somatic sensation within the heart, you might equate that sensation to that of glowing. I attempt to activate that feeling whenever I notice it’s not activated. As I practice, I have found that I also experience a diamond-shaped sensation, a light with gold tips, radiating from my solar-plexus area. I have been told that this is the equivalent of the solar-plexus chakra activation. I’m not exactly sure what it all means, I only know that it feels right and in alignment with my journey. It somehow assures me that I am in harmony with all that is, the eye of the storm, and in love with the world. This feeling comes and then goes, which is why I actively practice activating it. The process has become a way for me to shift into and embody a much happier personification, one that is in alignment with my idea of the best possible version of myself.

Science suggests that human beings have evolved from single celled organisms. Are we complete in that process or is the evolutionary process a continuous unfoldment? I believe that the process is continuous and that each of us has a part to play in that process. Some suggest that we are evolving from a third-density consciousness to a fourth or fifth-density consciousness. I cannot speak to that, but I can speak to the fact that the evolutionary process appears to be happening regardless of our awareness or not. I say that because I am not the same guy I was just a short few years ago. Perhaps the word “conscious” refers to our recognition of this process and the steps we actively take in order to aid in the evolutionary process.

The shift from third to fourth/fifth-density vibration that many speak of? Could the practice whereby each individual actively attempts to eliminate the lower vibrations/emotions like fear, jealousy, hate, and lack, while nurturing those higher vibrations like love and joy, be part of that evolutionary process?  As I walked the path of recognizing and releasing the lower vibrations, while nurturing the higher vibrations, I believe that I am permitted a glimpse into the feeling tones associated with a healthier, happier, life. Could this be what is referred to as fourth/fifth-density consciousness?

The way that I have come to understand my journey is this. I would say that the universe has revealed a path towards enlightenment. Part of that journey is to release the negative and seek the positive. In addition, I have also had an insight that has led me to believe that once the frequencies of the lower density consciousness are completely released, that we will come to experience frequencies that allow for emotions that, at this point, are beyond comprehension. In other words, those emotions of joy and happiness will someday be the lower vibrations embodied by those at the higher end of the conscious spectrum. This might be a good place to begin one’s journey.  To consider where one lies on the conscious spectrum. If you can agree that we have evolved from single-celled organisms, then perhaps you might also agree that consciousness is not a destination and is better understood as a spectrum.

My life shifted when, over the course of a day, I took a look at my emotions. I found that I spent way more time in the lower vibrations of worry, hate, pain, fear, and jealousy. I spent very little time in the upper vibrations of love, joy, happiness, and kindness.  I noticed that it was difficult for me to invoke love.  I wondered why I don’t have any joy in life.  I searched for joy and was continuously let down; all I saw was the pain in life. Everything and everyone seemed to let me down. I lost my desire to live.  And worst of all, anger seemed to be readily available and easily called forth and unleashed on everyone around me.  I was lost!

Then, I had a thought after reading a quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “become the change you wish to see in the world.”  “If you wish to be happy, you have work to do!  Find the happy, embody it. It’s your life! Choose a life that serves you. Be responsible for your own happiness! Happiness is an inside game! Relying on others for your happiness is a losing situation where you will always be let down!  And frankly, it’s no one’s job to make you happy, it’s your job.  Snap out of this victim mentality!”

When I understood that I was responsible for my own happiness, and that it was nobody’s job to make me happy, I sort of woke.  It wasn’t until I fell in love, and was told “You’re right for someone, but you’re not right for me.”, did I understand the scope of that message.

To think that a human can come into our lives, and under the right conditions, cause us to feel something like love, which we totally attribute to them.  I mean, I wasn’t feeling it prior to meeting him. So, it must have been him who activated this feeling, right?  It felt good while he stuck around and loved me back, but the moment he left, he took that feeling of love and all my happiness that came with it.  He left me and I found myself in a fetal position wondering why my emotions betrayed me.

I found myself in therapy telling my sob story about how every cell in my body told me that this man was the right one, and I could not believe that he wasn’t feeling the same for me. He, a soul mate (yes, the ones who cause you pain are soul mates baring gifts.  That is if your open to the gift), who I continue to love for this experience, said to me that what I was feeling had nothing to do with him.  That the feeling of love and light was all me!  Oh, how I hated hearing that!  I wanted to expel this feeling of love for him, I wanted so badly to hate him, but that voice inside encouraged me to “love him regardless of how he feels about me!”  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I fought with my thoughts. Undulated back and forth between hating him and loving him.  It took me a while (about two years) to realize that what he was telling me was true, but it finally sunk in, and I finally understood.  The love light that we feel for others is not generated by that person. That person may be a catalyst. The permission slip to feel this very natural, but often suppressed emotion, but it was me who created the feeling. It was my light! It was my love and at that moment the thought came that I could cultivate that love light energy to a strength surpassing the hate and pain, that is the moment I woke from my victim mentality and stepped into the creator I know myself to be. I started by cultivating that inner love light. My new goal was to move towards the light.

My passion has always been to evolve beyond my pain and self-inflicted prison. For years I referred to myself as a seeker. For as long as I can remember, my intention has always been to somehow help elevate the consciousness of the planet. Yes, perhaps a crazy goal, but something inside me says “totally doable!” This is funny because I had this thought well before I had any idea about how to even make myself happy, let alone raise the consciousness of others!  I guess what I’m attempting to say here is that I have always felt that I was here on earth to do something that might make the lives of others better.  I knew I wasn’t just a meat suit that would one day become worm food!

I have always wanted to love. Even when I was forced to fight. I was relentlessly bullied as a child. I was pushed to fight and to hit back. My mother once said “if you come in the house crying one more time, I will beat you.”  She did that anyway.  She seemed to get pleasure by attacking her boys. In order to deal with this abuse, I would leave my body. I’m not sure where I went, but I left the fight to my body and would always come back after the anger dissipated.  I’d later learn that I punched holes through solid wood door, walls, and even broke someone’s nose and another’s collarbone. I don’t take any pride in this knowledge; I was simply surviving. During my younger years, I was always pushed to fight, and I was called a sissy if I didn’t.  I knew it was wrong and I couldn’t understand why folks got pleasure from fighting. I still don’t understand and I guess I never will.

I learned that as soon as I was open to the process of evolving, that I was being guided toward ideas. I refer to this guidance as the voice in my head. Ideas come, but from where?  higher power?  A guardian angel?  God? Who knows?  I only know that when I applied the ideas that came to me, my life began to change. It seemed magical. The magic of being happy in my body and in my thoughts. The magic of meeting folks who are in alignment with my new vibration, and who have experienced similar life-changing moments. This magic seems to be experienced by everyone who seeks a higher vibration.

I have found that my external world is a reflection of my internal world.  Like a mirror, my world seems to magically shift to accommodate my new beliefs. So yes, I believe that the molecules which make up this planet, and my body, are somehow interacting with and responding to the physical vibration produced by my thoughts.

This is one of the topics that many are talking about. Take a look at this film released by the BBC.   Mind Science. We are Vibrational  Beings Part 1.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfKcscvU_Fo&t=554s

We are vibrational beings!  We interpret vibration effortlessly.  We avoid the creepy guy on the corner.  Why? We felt his creepiness, his vibration.  We have all experienced a moment when we were compelled to go talk to a stranger.  Why?  Vibration. How about when you’re on your A-game, and strangers come to meet you and say “I just needed to say hello!”  Vibration!  The sound coming into your ears is moving at 800 miles per hour.  You effortlessly interpret sound.  Vibration!  Light?  Vibration.

In fact, everything is vibrating.  Even your body.  Yes, you are emitting a vibration, a frequency, all the time.  At every second of every moment.  And guess what?  Your vibration is attracting like energies.  Look up tuning fork resonance frequencies.  Check this video out.  You’ll find that when someone hits a tuning fork and it begins to hum, it will activate all the other tuning forks, or string instruments tuned to that frequency, in its proximity.  We are doing the same with our vibration.  If you are experiencing lower vibration situations, you are emitting a lower frequency vibration.   Ever wonder why a sound bath shifts your energy?  Vibration!   This podcast talks to a woman who heals with tuning forks and vibration.

Do you know about Cymatics?  It’s an experiment where folks spread sand or salt over a plate that is attached to a speaker.  They observe the effect that the vibration has on the sand and find that the vibration forces the sand to move into sacred geometry.  They do this with water, too. As the frequency raises, the patterns become more complex, snowflake-shaped, sacred geometry, flower-of-life patterns.   Check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=81&v=rDWYJcnZTqA  The point is this: If vibration is doing that to water, and you are 90% water, shouldn’t you be aware of the vibrations you are producing or happen to be surrounded by?

While we’re on the topic of vibration… Have you ever had a thought and wondered where that thought came from?  Or why you are having that particular thought? Have you stopped to ask yourself who is observing the thought?  Is it actually mine, does it belong to me, or is it just passing through?  Could this, or any, thought simply be in response to an energetic field that you have tapped into?  Could that thought be in response to the energy emitted by some other human in your space?  Wherever it came from, do you have to entertain it?  Can you choose a different thought?

I don’t know about you, but the moment I entertain the idea of something negative, it opens the flood gates to an all-out low-vibration party in my head. A simple thought like “Was that a dirty look she gave me?” opens a negative discussion that contains all low vibration thoughts that are totally made up and won’t stop until I make the conscious decision to shift to a better thought. Some of us recognize this as unhealthy and stop it the moment it starts.  Others, and I was one, grab hold of that thought and stroke it, as if to fan the flame, making it hot, reliving the story in their heads and then sharing it with anyone who will listen. That is, until it is replaced with some other life drama. Negative thinking can be as addictive as drugs or sugar.

I’ve learned that the journey from darkness to the light is not a switch from one state of consciousness to another.  Most of us are in some area of gray and I’d like to believe that we are all heading towards the light. This is why I suggest that consciousness is on a spectrum and not a destination. I also believe that this process is somehow deeply embedded within us.

Within us is a built-in guidance system. Can you recall the feeling that you associate with a yes?  Yes!  It’s easily recognized and acted upon without hesitation.  How about the lower vibration feeling of discord?  That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach where your response is no. Most of us think of that feeling as bad and we are quick to blame the external situation for the discord we feel.

We say, while pointing our finger in the direction of the trigger, “See, that’s the reason I feel this way!  You’re the reason I’m upset!  It’s your fault!”  Well, what if that feeling of discord was a tap on your shoulder to awaken you to something much deeper?  What if that feeling was your cue to go inside and really take a look at that trigger?  To look at the definitions that you apply to that situation triggering your response and ask yourself “Is this real?”  Bentinho Massaro (amazing soul who has profoundly aided in my shift.  Check out Trinfinityacademy.com) said “If every time you had a negative thought you got hit in the head with a brick, then you’d eventually stop having negative thoughts.” He went on to say, “Consider the thought the brick!” Abraham Hicks says “Think and feel, feel and think.” Amazing advice.  Because if you tune into your vibrational system, you’ll find that it will never let you down, that you contain the power to feel your way through all obstacles. Your guidance system will guide you through any situation, but like all things worth obtaining, we need to learn to do this.

So, folks, I’ve taken my journey, and some science and combined them to create art installations and spaces that I hope will aid visitors on their personal journey towards self-discovery.  I say personal because we are all having very different experiences. I believe that each of us already comes with everything we need to complete this journey, but sometimes we need a fresh outlook; a new perspective to wake up our inner truth.  For some of us, something inside seems to be nudging us onward to greater possibilities for ourselves and the world we all share. This is how I have arrived at this point.  Something beyond me and my experiences, to which I feel tethered, is beckoning me forward.

I’m honored to share this experience with you.

Thank you for your support, love, and light.  ❤️

Together, and by example, we change the world.